Ozobot Launches 1:1 Hybrid Program Amid COVID-19 Pandemic to Provide Hands-On Lessons to Students at Home and In the Classroom

Education Technology Insights | Friday, September 11, 2020

Nader Hamda, Founder and CEO

The new hybrid program makes it easy to teach core subjects from anywhere without sacrificing STEAM.

FREMONT, CA: Ozobot is the makers of award-winning robots for grades K-12, announces today a solution to the pandemic's ongoing educational challenges with its new Ozobot 1:1 Hybrid Program. Created around the Ozobot Classroom platform for educators, Ozobot's 1:1 program engages students wherever they are by providing individual, one-inch robots to empower hands-on learning at home and in the classroom.

Schools throughout the US, from Alabama to Alaska, have signed up to go 1:1 with Ozobots. Under this model, each student receives a backpack-friendly robot; they can code two ways "on screens and screen-free, "promoting equity for various learning styles and offering the much-needed screen breaks in the day. Students' bots are also synced to Ozobot Classroom, where the teachers assign interactive, self-directed, and standards-aligned video lessons for ELA, Math, and STEAM subjects. Schools and districts gain from exclusive access to this remote-friendly, student-facing content with the program, together with an ability to measure the engagement even when students work to pass the screens with their robots.

"At Ozobot, we spent five months working with districts, teachers, and our extended community to understand education's new challenges," states Nader Hamda, the founder and CEO of Ozobot. "Our new 1:1 Hybrid Program makes it easy to teach core subjects anywhere, without sacrificing STEAM learning. 95% of our users have reported increased student engagement when incorporating Ozobots into their curriculum."

"When considering a 1:1 robotics program for our students in grades 2-4, we searched for options that would support our commitments to academic and programmatic excellence, an enhanced student experience, and the social emotional wellbeing of our students," says Kimberly Walker, Director of Technology Integration and Innovation at The Agnes Irwin School in PA. "We found the Ozobot 1:1 program to be the best fit because of its highly-rated, multimodal approach to coding, its standards-aligned curriculum, and the opportunities for independent and shared exploration among students."

With the introduction of its hybrid solution in the market, the company joined the Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative and integrated Ozobot Classroom with Google Classroom, the platform utilized by above 100 million teachers and students globally. Interested educators can get the Ozobot Classroom in the Chromebook App Hub. Ozobot's 1:1 Hybrid Program qualifies for numerous federal and state initiatives, including the CARES Act, 21st Century Schools, and many more. Schools and districts can book a demo with an Ozobot Account Executive to learn about it and explore their specific state options.

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