Perks of using IoT in mobile application development

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Today IoT (Internet of Things)-aided technologies are making industries changing the way of surviving and intensifying the competition. They have impacted the field of mobile application (apps) also. Following are some of the keys that describe how this technology is leveraging the mobile app development: 

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR): AR and VR are changing the way of interactions in the industries as education, healthcare, or marketing. They allow people to experience a virtual world. The technologies are changing the way to cure patients who are suffering from chronic diseases and accidents. In the education sector, they are changing the way of teaching and learning. Today, textbooks are replaced by these technologies and education no more follows the barriers of classrooms.

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Wearables: Wearable technology is no more only about counting the number of steps or measuring heart rate. The gadgets use the platform of mobile applications to deliver information in new ways. Wearables unleash a wide range of products and services in various fields as sport, health, and fashion.

Mobile wallets and payments gateways: Today people have moved from cash to credit, debit, mobile wallets, or digital currencies. Frictionless payment has a high demand from the consumers’ point of view. Wallets and payment gateways support businesses to deliver excellent customer experience and provide secure encryption.

Cloud: Cloud computing has found its place with mobile apps. Companies and tech professionals are increasingly adopting cloud services. Apps directly fetch data from the cloud and take minimum space in the internal memory of the device. Cloud streamlines operations, reduces cost in hosting, offers better storage.

Advantages of using IoT in the app's development:

Insights: IoT devices accumulate and access critical information for the effortless working. In this chain, the sensors supply with valuable insights that can be used in real-time decision making.

Cost reduction: IoT decreases the costs of mobile app development. It permits the app developers to integrate various components in a cost-effective way.

Efficiency: The technology-driven apps offer a better user experience and help the employees of an organization to work better. IoT makes the creation process user-friendly and encourages consumers to be more engaged.

Security: Mobile devices deal with private information. Cell apps improve information-security because IoT deals with a lot of personalized data.

Customization: As programmers can meet the requirements of linked devices while constructing apps the technology comes with easy customizations.

The dynamic technology is bringing transformation in the world of interaction with the development of mobile applications.

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