Podcasts Assist Educators in Professional Growth

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Podcasts are a significant means for the professional development of teachers through which they can effortlessly learn about a new topic or ideas, taking into account their busy schedules.

FREMONT, CA: With the changing world of education, professional growth has become a necessity. A way to work on professional development in a tight schedule is with the help of a podcast—a digital video or audio file that users can download or listen to it online. Today, there are a plethora of podcasts available that help teachers on an extensive range of topics pertinent to educators.

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Podcasts aid to the professional development of educators for some reasons like:

Podcasts Facilitate Multitasking

If one is wrapped up in a busy schedule, then podcasts offer in broadening the knowledge base at any time and anywhere. One can listen to a podcast while getting their daily work done, like while commuting or grocery shopping. Most people are short of time, so being able to listen to a panel discussion on a relevant topic while doing chores can save time.

The Set-Up Allows for Multiple Viewpoints

The format of most podcasts is in the form of a conversation or a panel discussion between a few educators. The arrangement involves more than one perspective on an idea or a topic, thereby expanding a listener’s outlook on a topic.

Complex Subjects can be Discussed in Detail

When participants are well-informed, a podcast conversation can be a useful way to discover complex educational subject matters. Many teachers struggle with complex issues that include technological advances in education. So, to have a better understanding of how technology can enhance personalized learning or on the future of education, there will be an in-depth podcast available on the internet.

Get to Know the Education Thought Leaders

Education podcasts often host educational thought leader or chief educator to share their expertise and knowledge with listeners on the air. Besides, guests make use of the short time wisely by sharing as much information possible, which will make educators exposed to innovative topics and novel ideas.

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