Preparing Children to Use Technology Mindfully

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 02, 2019

A few ways to make children use tech attentively is by modeling good behavior, evaluating digital culture, teaching mindfulness and others.

FREMONT, CA: Today, a section of children are seen spending a lot of time on their phones. The excess use of mobile phones leads to parents concerns about security, bullying, and other ills associated with social media. So, there is a larger need to get students to use technology mindfully.

Below are a few several ways to address the concerns:

Model Good Digital Behavior

For instance, instructing children to put away their phones away in cases like social gatherings and resisting the urge to check their devices continually can serve as ethical conduct. To further prompt students in following the practice, educators and parents must lead by example. If the pattern is followed, then it helps students develop purposeful technological habits. Furthermore, it becomes easy to teach children how to engage in face-to-face conversation or enjoy a non-digital leisure pursuit if they have a good exemplar.

Evaluate Digital Culture

Adults can help pupils understand that some clicks on the most recent despicable headline are to make money at the expense of the outrage of readers. Understanding the dynamics can help learners use digital tools purposefully.

Help Students Discover Passions in Real World

Whether it is hiking, sculpting, or woodworking, children may not be aware of non-digital activities. The activities can end up entertaining children if allowed to explore the experiences.

Talk Explicitly About How to Manage Technology Use

One method that some families have found useful is to think about technology use as falling into one of three grouping—learning, consuming, and creating. The process can assist pupils to focus on restraining consumption while still enjoying the benefits of learning and creating, which can be found through digital apps. The means is not just to think of the technology use but is also a metric for evaluating online behavior.

Teach Students about Mindfulness

Technology can sometimes encourage a form of passive contribution in the continuous stream of digital media, but instruction in mindfulness can lend a hand for everyone to exercise more control over their technology use.

Overall, it is no easy dispute to resist cultural meeting and limit time spent using tech. But the benefits of doing so are vast, and a few basic practices can help learners use technology more mindfully.

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