Prescriptive Analytics for Exceptional Customer Experience

Education Technology Insights | Monday, February 04, 2019

The digitization of people’s daily lives through AI technologies makes it easier and better to manage their physical, emotional, intellectual, and financial well-being. Whether the technology is used by companies or consumers, the advantages of digitization are clear and ubiquitous. The impact of digitization or the ability to provide data-driven and analytical connected services revolutionizes customer services. Artificial intelligence is capable of transforming customer experience through data-driven insights and forecasts.

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Discourse Analytics provides analytics, information, social media, and content use, with the power of personalization and predictive analysis to benefit its customers by personalizing data and insights. The company’s Consumer Activation Platform facilitates contextually relevant bilateral talks across devices and platforms between brands and their entire audience. The data enable their customers to connect with their audiences not on the basis of demographics of the correlated click path, but rather on the key interests, preferences, and behavior that drive the relationship. It creates unlimited possibilities for personalized content offerings and improved product development.

Discourse Analytics has recently appointed Margo Day to its Management Board. Previously, John Anzalone, the founder and president of Anzalone, Liszt, Grove Research, held this post earlier. With Anzalone’s retirement from the Board after six years of service, the new director of the Board was appointed.

In September 2018, Day retired from Microsoft as the Vice President of Education, empowering the markets of Higher Ed and K12 to allow students to create the world of tomorrow. In recent decades, Day has led several Microsoft teams focusing on the transformation of digital technology. Day has a passion for philanthropy and was an active member of the National Leadership Council of World Vision. She is especially committed to promoting and helping to raise funds through education for the Kenya Child Protection project.

Discourse Analytics’ patented algorithms offer a simple and powerful way to offer a scalable, cognitive scientific personalization for customers. Day is expected to identify innovative ways to empower the company's clients and improve the experience of end-users.

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