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Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The tips will help parents in giving their peace of mind concerning their child’s safety.

FREMONT, CA: Giving children smartphone puts the entire internet at their disposal and like the real-world online world may not always be a safe haven without precautions in place. Following are a few essential tips to protect children’s smartphones and help them understand the implications of using a device.

Parent Should Protect Children Phone Like It’s Their Own

Every mobile phone is susceptible to data breaches and malware attacks. The first step to safeguarding the device is by keeping it updated since out-of-date phones are more vulnerable to hackers. Besides, scanning children’s phone regularly for malware and downloading antivirus software can ensure their device stays protected.

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Talk Openly About Internet Safety

From the very beginning, it is necessary to talk explicitly about internet safety. Many children look upon the digital world as a miraculous place, and do not realize the unfavorable circumstances that it brings. Children should be aware enough to avoid strangers in the digital world as they do in real life, which means that they should not respond or communicate online with someone who is unknown.

Nurture Open Communication

Parents want their children to tell them immediately if they come across any out-of-place material online or if approached by any stranger. So, it is necessary for families to have regular discussions on what is going on in their child’s lives, which also involves knowing about their online activity. It is vital that the keep the talk in a conversational and not make it sound like an interrogation because it is a shared experience.

Teach Children Safety Tips

Teach children not to give away any personal information like location or phone numbers online. Also, set a password that is easy and unique for children to remember, but hard for others to guess and encourage them to change their passwords often. Besides, educate youngsters not to reply to an unknown text or call. More importantly, notify children that the calls or messages may be spam, phishing, or scams along with explaining how things can endanger their data security.

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