Reasons to Choose an Adaptive E-Learning Tool for Business Growth

Education Technology Insights | Friday, January 11, 2019

Technology has allowed the companies to provide customized service to its consumers. A one-size-fits-all approach can hamper business growth. Online training platforms are leveraging technology tools to offer adaptive e-learning experience that allows customers to achieve their goals on their own terms.

Adaptive e-learning platforms use past performance to adjust to a learner’s behavior, which helps to fill skill gaps and foster growth of an individual. These tools are designed to take autonomous detours for improving personal areas of its users. Adaptive e-learning platforms have also empowered companies to provide personalized online training based on an employee’s preferences. Here are a few ways in which enterprises can use e-learning:

Measure performance using real-world activities: online training provides many solutions like simulations, branching scenarios and many other real-world scenarios, which offers insights into a learner’s skill gaps, responses and performance. It helps enterprises to understand how well an employee handles a stressful situation, or deal with a customer complaint in the workplace. Companies can also use this data to fix a personalized learning path according to an employee’s requirement.

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Interactive videos to encourage self-exploration:  To facilitate self-exploration, interactive videos have embedded links and other online training resources. These videos help a learner to plan their studies based on their requirement. Embedded links in the video help an employee to broaden their knowledge and improve understanding of the study material by implementing it on the link. Employees can also participate in skill-based simulations to fill the gap in their knowledge base.

Choose a forward-thinking e-learning tool:  A forward-thinking e-learning tool allows an employee to choose from a vast online asset library. It also provides visually pleasing and customized online training content with responsive simulations that address an employee’s requirement. These tools follow the latest trend to develop more meaningful training content.

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