Re-Imagining Education in the Post Pandemic World

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Online teaching can provide an effective substitute to existent classroom teaching, given that education systems are willing to catch-up with the current pace of technology.

Fremont, CA: The pandemic affected the world in many ways and one of the most affected sectors is Education. With students taking online classes from home, there have been numerous challenges hence. Though some of them were able to move their classes online with less difficulty, due to a better technological set-up, most educational institutions were left baffled and coping with the enormous change in technology and methodology of teaching.

However, institutions are recognizing that schedule and pace are key factors when it comes to online education. Since online learning is more of a social task, it is crucial for institutions to make their content engaging and interesting.

Thus, the virtual experience has to be attractive with more of slide presentations, appealing videos and an attractive student interface. Hands-on tasks and assignments can motivate and encourage students to grasp effectively.

For instance, there are several institutions that offer highly flexible education programs so that students can tailor their studies at their own convenience. They are also providing online learning programs, digital classes, forums to interact with teachers and peers, and credit transfer from prior university or school.

With the new post-social distancing phase, there are many ways in which flexible learning and online education can progress gradually to a new normal. By incorporating emerging technologies into their teaching models, institutions will be able to stay abreast the evolutions in the edtech sector.

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