Relieving the Burden of Budget from Campuses with AI

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 09, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) had a dramatic impact on education system by the way it is serving teachers and students both. Now, educations facilities are delegating a broad range of tasks to AI so that the staffs are free to concentrate more on the students.

FREMONT, CA: AI has made a significant impact on providing and delivering education. It has already started to transform the process of student learning, admission procedures, and assisting teachers.

AI can be the magic solutions to many problems in a school or college campus as it can provide personalized instruction, and targeted academic interventions. These efficiencies of the AI allow the faculty to devote more time with the students. For example, chatbots proved its worth in campus by assisting students during admissions or when they are new in school. AI can ease the burden of the campus budget, and here are some of the ways it can do.

AI Alleviate the Burden of Campus Staff

Most of the time, educational facilities feel pressurized under heavy administrative burdens. Large state schools which have high enrollments or popular schools with top application volumes generally struggle when they cannot handle the pressure of admissions. It can be often time-intensive, tedious, and full of error when filtering such a large pool of potential students.

Universities or schools can use an AI-based system to help them to manage the applicant pool. Such tools can automatically select the candidates to the desired batch that fits their criteria. The AI applications can also automate some of the interview steps and information if necessary. The apps also chat on behalf of faculties of the institute and solve queries of the students during admissions.

AI Supports Personalized Learning

AI applications can help the educational facilities by assisting them while they grade their students. The facial recognition software can help the instructor understand when a student is genuinely engaged in a classroom and when they are not.

AI also helps the students and the faculties by providing personalized tutoring. Now, the students can have easy access to the course content due to video captioning.

With AI applications, institutions can provide their students with personalized service, which will increase the efficiency of teaching, and the students will also enjoy their studies. 

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