Remote Learning with the Use of 5G Infrastructure

Tina Rosen, Education Technology Insights | Friday, April 30, 2021

With a perfect combination of low latency, increased bandwidth, and a proliferation of devices, the 5G connectivity brings a sea change in the remote learning environment.

FREMONT, CA: 5G is all about providing reliable, lightning-fast speeds and increased data on a massive scale. These advantages together can make a drastic difference in digitally equipped classrooms and remote learning environments. Faster download speeds and the seamless transfer of large amounts of data can enable students to collaborate digitally from their homes on complex in near-real-time. Learners can also enjoy interactive experiences remotely like virtual trips. Here is more to know.

 5G can offer a cost-effective way to provide fiber-like Internet speeds wirelessly to institutions such as schools, addressing the challenges in rural areas via Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). FWA allows extremely high-speed broadband in rural areas where fiber connections can be too cost-prohibitive to deploy. 5G’s greater bandwidth capacity can deliver a reliable connection even in densely populated areas with massive devices trying to connect simultaneously. Whether a learner is in a remote area or a densely packed community, equal access to resources can be given by 5G.

5G-powered remote learning will change the idea that students can learn anywhere and at any time. Educators will be able to teach in more than one university, communicating with students in real-time. They can also collaborate more seamlessly with colleagues in an environment connected by mobile wireless technology. What these students are learning will also transform. This is a movement that was already underway but is being boosted by the COVID-19 environment. There will be a resurgence of the new trades like robotic technicians and artificial intelligence.

5G is more than bringing innovative tools to the table; it’s about technology firms and government leaders working collaboratively to ensure that the advantages of 5G technology are accessible and equitable. No matter where they live or what hurdles they face, students and teachers should step through the doors that 5G opens. 5G deployments believe in enriching lives and transforming industries, and doing so means investing in advanced technologies for all.

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