Riiid Hosts a Global AIEd Challenge Using the World's Largest Education Dataset to Boost Innovation in AI Education

By Education Technology Insights | Monday, October 12, 2020

Riiid unveils AIEd Challenge, meant to drive better education.

Fremont, CA: Riiid, announces today the launch of the first-ever global Artificial Intelligence Education (AIEd) Challenge, developed to accelerate innovation in education by constructing a better and more equitable learning model for the students worldwide.

“AIEd today is just starting and it requires a practical approach to improve the quality of personalized remote learning,” says YJ Jang, founder and CEO of Riiid. “The best approach starts by engaging with the world’s best machine learning and deep learning researchers in the AIEd field. By putting AI-powered learning solutions to work for all students, we aim to create a new model for education that is easily accessible, personal and individualized to meet the needs of any student at any level in school. We developed the AIEd challenge to bring together the best minds in the world to help us all solve these challenges together.”

By providing access to the leading researchers and scientists to the world’s largest hierarchical education dataset – 

EdNet consists of above 130 million interactions between more than 780,000 students from Riiid’s AI tutor solution. The primary goal is to attract, encourage, and reward the kind of innovation in AI education that ImageNet did in the computer vision.Designed as a Kaggle algorithm competition and with $100,000 awarded to the winners, the scientists and researchers’ main challenge is to create algorithms for “Knowledge Tracing,” modeling student knowledge over time. The goal is to predict how students will perform on future interactions precisely. Every contestant will apply their machine learning skills to the task using Riiid’s EdNet data. Winning models will be presented at the AAAI 2021 workshop in February next year. The Riiid AIEd Challenge opens today. 

The Riiid AIEd Challenge is committed to two fundamental guiding principles: It aims to achieve the highest technical transparency levels. Education is a sector that demands the best standards of all of us. Everyone in education benefits from more significant because of diligence by all major stakeholders, including teachers, students, and parents. Second, the Riiid AIEd Challenge pledges a complete commitment to diversity and inclusion. Now more than ever, it is essential to create a level playing field for the youth from every quarter and at all economic strata to gain from educational opportunities.

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