Riiid to Establish an AI-education Database 'EdNet'

By Education Technology Insights | Monday, January 06, 2020

YJ Jang, CEO

To drive the development of the AIEd industry, Riiid is developing ‘EdNet,’ an open database for AI education.

FREMONT, CA: A global leading AI tutor solution provider, Riiid announced that it would establish an AI-education database ‘EdNet,’ an open database for AI education intended to drive the development of the AIEd industry. The company has also released 130 million interactions of intelligent tutoring system(ITS) datasets, specifically related to learning and test exercise data accumulated since 2017 on its solution called ‘Santa’, as well as its knowledge tracing algorithm based on its deep learning module architecture, Transformer.  

AI Researchers at Riiid recently published a research paper entitled ‘EdNet: A Large-Scale Hierarchical Dataset in Education’ available via a free online archive for scientific papers, arXiv. EdNet is designed as an open database on different learning actions of unspecified multiple users. It will contain information on test exercises, correct or wrong responses for each test item, in addition to data related to student actions such as actual scores versus target scores, the time users spend solving questions, and the timing of content purchase.

Riiid is leading the paradigm shift of education from an industry driven by marketing, content, and people, to one that is powered by technology,” says YJ Jang, CEO of Riiid. He also mentioned that despite enormous growth potential, the education sector is still lacking in AI research different from the finance and medical sectors, mainly due to the conservative nature of the education sector, education data is rarely digitized. Riiid is committed to taking the initiative in addressing this issue, and EdNet will be able to drive the development of AIEd and eventually take the firm’s growth to new heights.

Riiid plans to continue to release additional data on EdNet every year and host algorithm development challenges in various AIEd-related tasks to attract more research talent to the area and promote the AI-powered education market. Notably, ImageNet, the open-source image database created by researchers at Princeton University and Stanford University, provided a catalyst for research into AI-enabled visual recognition. In 2010, the ImageNet Challenge was also launched, with participants competing to achieve higher accuracy on several visual recognition tasks based on publicly released AI algorithms. For the much contributions of the company in AI and educational tech, the company was featured among the Top 10 EdTech Startups in APAC 2019 by the Education Technology Insights magazine.

Riiid recently joined the AI Summit 2019 held in mid-December in New York, with Youngduck Choi, AI Tech Lead. They delivered a keynote speech entitled ‘Make Education Great Again,’ presenting the future direction for research in AI-powered education and the EdTech sector, and highlighting the importance of technological transparency and practical precision.

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