Rise Apps: Bridging the Gap between Students, Teachers, and Parents

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, March 28, 2019

RISE Education Cayman Ltd has recently launched an intelligent learning platform. The smart learning platform utilizes digital technology and empowers parents and teachers to improvise the learning experience for students. The new English learning model is a platform that has a teacher end app called Rise Teacher. The platform has an app for parents also known as Rise+. The app creates a network and facilitates one-on-one communication amidst teachers, students, and parents.

Sun Yiding, the CEO of RISE stated that the app is launched to provide an integrated learning platform that makes use of technology to empower education. RISE is making use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies to create an intelligent and flexible learning system. The company aims to create a personalized teaching service that makes use of customizable options to deliver unique service for an individual student.

The adaptive teaching system will educate global talents with strong leadership. By making use of RISE+ app, parents of RISE students can communicate with RISE teachers to get a real-time update about children and their progress. Teachers can post photos and videos of class to showcase the child’s performance to their parents. Project exercises for students’ based on their age are also available on Rise+ app; this will furthermore improve the thinking and problem-solving ability of the students.

The RISE Teacher provides the teaching faculty a one-stop service, using the app teacher can assign homework, save students’ homework online, and the app also gives learning feedbacks to a teacher for improving the efficiency. RISE is planning to further enhance the app quality and tutoring experience by standardizing the management process. The company plans to provide regular updates for improving and for adding more features and functionality to the app. live streaming function is anticipated on RISE+ app, for parents to watch their children perform and engage in class activities.

The company is a pioneer in subject-based learning in China, and it provides ELT to students through Rise Start for children aged three to six, Rise On for students aged seven to twelve, and Rise Up for students aged 13 to 18. The company has an adaptive model for self-owned and franchised learning centers.

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