School Improvement Network Releases Edivation- an On-Demand Professional Learning Platform

Education Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY, UT: School Improvement Network, provider of on-demand professional development videos for educators, recently announced the release of Edivation, an on-demand professional learning platform. It delivers that personalizes content for educators based on their profile and administrator assigned content and replaces the previously used award winning PD 360 software.

“The evolution from PD 360 to Edivation is yet another landmark in School Improvement Network’s long history of innovating education,” says Chet D. Linton, CEO and President of School Improvement Network. “Now, in 2014, with the transformation of PD 360 to Edivation, we are the first education company to create a resource that intelligently serves personalized content from a rich supply of resources research-proven to increase student achievement and educator effectiveness.”

Edivation term is inspired from words like- ‘edification,’ ‘innovation,’ ‘elevation,’ and ‘motivation,’ designed to represent the breadth and depth of the resources available to support educators in every aspect of their work beyond professional development content.

Edivation, will provide educators access to the resources formerly available in PD 360, Common Core 360 and Observation 360 (the Educator Effectiveness System), including videos showing best practices in education with master teachers, lesson plans and classroom aides, meaningful and personalized observation templates, and access to a professional learning community of more than a million educators. These resources will be automatically served to educators based on their profile and administrator assigned PD. Edivation feature will be expanded to deliver educators personalized content based on their interests and previous searches.

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