Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Education Technology Insights | Friday, November 16, 2018

The role of AI in education has become crucial today. Some fear in teachers is that AI will take over education and can cause harm or damage to the education system, students, and teachers, while others believe that AI will transform the industry and improve education. Tasks like grading can be done quickly using AI. Soon, AI can be seen in classrooms in the form of robots, making its way into education.

AI and ML have the capabilities to reach every student’s educational needs in a classroom. AI acts as a tutor for students by determining the struggle points of the student and intervening accordingly to help. Both AI and ML can provide different learning styles and material as per the students learning capabilities and patterns of studying. For example, students find mathematics difficult. AI, specifically ML, makes the students score good test scores by providing them with a better understanding of the concepts through visual materials. AI and ML can do the work in little time what a teacher might take months to accomplish. Scientists have begun testing robotic tutors in Spain that can identify a student’s ability to learn and provide suggestions accordingly. In the United States, EdTech company Knewton recently introduced a program which assesses students and assigns lessons based on its findings. Each activity is specially prepared based on the skill level of each student. AI and ML can reduce the burden of the teachers in spending hours of time in instructing the students. Teachers will depend on AI to determine the specific needs of every student and intervene accordingly. A crucial such task that is automated to save teachers’ time is grading tests.

Educators feared to lose their jobs if the AI robots came into existence. However, AI can teach students the skills and help them to improve their understanding of concepts virtual presentations. The technology also enables educators to personalize learning for students and understand each student better. AI is revolutionizing multiple industries. While the regular education system is focused on socio-emotional skills, AI programs prove that complex skills like reading, even difficult subjects like mathematics, and socio-emotional skills can be taught to students in an efficient manner. 

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