Scope of Internet of Things in K-12 Culture

Education Technology Insights | Friday, January 11, 2019

K-12 culture has just made its way into the education industry and is being widely accepted as well. Internet of Things (IoT) also has become a part of this culture finding basic applications like school vehicle tracking and student attendance. But the technology can be optimally used for various other processes to enhance the K-12 culture. 

Security Enhancement

Integrating IoT in the security system would prove really handy as with the help of biometric and facial recognition physical security of the premises will reach new heights. Automation will come into existence that will collaborate with the existing physical security system and leverage IT department to monitor multiple systems through a single dashboard. Also, control over multiple devices through a single system would ease the work of the IT department and reduce the labor cost. But with technology, comes the challenge of cybersecurity for which organizations will have to implement policies for its use. IT departments will have to limit bandwidth access, employ user verification, and limit the network’s access to ensure security and minimal damage in case of disruption.

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Efficient Teaching Process

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Interconnected devices will offer professors and teachers the facility to shift their subsidiary tasks to technology. Easier, faster, less biased, and more efficient grading system will be implemented giving teachers more time to focus on teaching and research. Exchange of information will also be convenient and real-time giving better insights of student’s performance in the previous organization or other departments with help of which teachers would be able to provide required attention to each student.

Education to Special

Special students who have some learning disabilities like dyslexia and others respond well to technology. Integrating new age technologies in their learning module would certainly benefit their learning methods and abilities. IoT devices enabled with artificial intelligence would not give them access to all kind of information and assistance to understand the same. The general public will also become more interactive with such autistic kids making such kids function better in the natural and personal environment.

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