Secure Digital Education with Cloud-based Network Filtration

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, December 19, 2018

One cannot deny that advanced technologies have changed every sector starting from healthcare and manufacturing to utilities and financial industries. Particularly, the education landscape has witnessed the latest advances with restructured classrooms and the methods of teaching. The students can research and work on their lessons online rather than in classrooms. During the academic study, students must get precise results to avoid distraction.

GoGuardian is a unique company that particularly supports this sector promoting tech programs aiming at providing satisfied learning to students. GoGuardian offers special features that include cloud filtration, self-harm alerts to teachers when the student mistakenly gets diverted to websites with unhealthy content. Students can also use the screen sharing feature with their teachers in order to make their research flexible. For instance, if they have doubts during their search, they can share the screen with an educator and clarify their queries. 

Advait Shinde, Co-founder, and CEO of GoGuardian states about their proprietary product, “GoGuardian Teacher is a classroom product that follows the real-time nature of teaching.” GoGuardian’s software involves features including granular filtering of search results to provide healthy content, AI-based monitoring to watch students’ activities, classroom management, and theft recovery. If the students search for specific information beyond a domain, the software can access the relevant content for those search topics too.

Students using the software can search the required information online in a secure manner without any distraction. The software has also made teaching easier. Recently, the company launched its first AI-powered cloud filtering solution for all the devices. This new GoGuardian cloud-filtering product which the schools can leverage for 2019-2020, will enable schools to save recurring hardware expenses and maintenance costs. The system integrates AI to have end-to-end optimization for the K-12 learning environment. It expands the usage of the software in students’ mobile phones and personalized systems like desktops, laptops too.

The smart filtering aspect of the software analyzes and learns the intent of the content a student searches. After analyzing, the software decides whether to allow the particular content to be displayed or not. If it contains any distracting content, the software automatically blocks the site.

Moving forward, GoGuardian will enhance its security capabilities with the optical technology that will be implemented through image analysis systems. 

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