Securing Campuses with Drone Technology

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, August 21, 2019

As manual monitoring falls short in ensuring campus security, drones are utilized to take on the role. From student safety to overseeing constructions, nothing is impossible anymore!

FREMONT, CA: Remember the thrill of going to a new college? The vast campus, spread out in different directions to the horizon, waits to be explored. Now imagine the same sight in the middle of the night; not so pleasant, is it?

Police reports suggest that in 2016 alone, over 28,000 criminal incidents were reported in higher education institutions, and this number is only rising by the minute. While walking groups and buddy services aim at countering this threat, it is merely a matter of time before someone slips through the manual safety grid at an odd hour. The only way to avert the disaster looming ahead, then, is to take proactive measures in time. As campus security becomes a priority for universities, the use of Unmanned Aerial Devices (UAV) in providing a comprehensive view of the campus in real-time becomes a blessing in disguise.

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The use of drones proves beneficial to universities on several fronts—such devices can be used to oversee different activities across the area at all times. While manually monitoring college campuses might leave loopholes and blind-spots, drones provide immediate alerts regarding the critical situation on campus. The UAV also proves beneficial in guiding students and staff toward safety in case disaster strikes, while simultaneously notifying people to assist the evacuated population.

The use of air-trained, mission-capable drone units is aimed at providing an airborne advantage that prevents dangerous situations from escalating. In addition, it can also help students and staff navigate through sticky situations as they navigate through an exciting phase of life. Given below are some of the common uses of drones on college campuses.

• Virtual Tours: A large university can be daunting to many in the beginning, and exploring its length and breadth alone can be an uphill task. In this scenario, what can be better than drones giving newcomers a virtual tour of their campus? Students can look at the campus as a whole and begin identifying with it, which reduces the challenges when it comes to adapting to life in that place.

• Monitoring Temporary Workers: Constant construction is a common part of the campus scenery, but the workers at such sites keep changing. It becomes essential to oversee the construction site to monitor progress as well as prevent any untoward incidents. At this stage, drones prove beneficial with their ability to reach heights and allow people to look into the happenings in real-time.

• Building Safety: The process of securing campus structures does not stop merely at constructing them—ensuring that these buildings remain safe around the year also becomes essential. However, it is nearly impossible to carry a camera and take photos of the various parts of a building while climbing on a rickety ladder. Drones can take the difficulty out of this process by flying close to buildings and taking the required photos with mounted cameras.

• Recording Events: Instead of the awkwardly-held camera phone or video recorder blocking the views of people behind it in an attempt to commit the occurrences of the day to electronic memory, drones can fly in unobtrusively and ensure clear, undisturbed recording of events.

• Assisting Law Enforcement Officials: By virtue of their small size and being able to go unnoticed, UAVs with mounted cameras can capture photographic evidence of any mishap occurring on campus. Such photos prove vital in recreating the scene for law enforcement officials.

• Ensuring Overall Safety: Constant videos recorded by drones patrolling the campus ensure that no one is left to fend for themselves alone in case of an emergency. Be it an accident or an ankle twist, victims can find help faster when they are being monitored across campus in real-time.

In case the above benefits of using drones fall short in concern of the expense generated in adopting them, there is more good news! With drones entering nearly every sphere of life, they have only become more cost-effective. As the technology finds widespread acceptance and benefits people extensively, it appears to be the best time to welcome drones into the campus. 

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