Sharpen Launches Smart Note Taking Tool

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Aidan Whytock, CEO

Sharpen's disruptive new technology is changing the dynamics of education with increasingly remote learning environments.

FREMONT, CA: Sharpen launches Smart Note-Taking Tool to revolutionize education for today's remote learning environments. Sharpen has been designed for the education sector to enhance learning and teaching through collaborative note-taking. Sharpen leverages technology to capture what the user is writing, seeing, hearing, and reading in a timestamped manner. These learnings can be recorded and recalled in the context of how the lesson was provided. Sharpen is empowering learners to create smart notes to remember more and perform better.

Sharpen also facilitates better, more collaborative peer-to-peer revision, which is vital to learning. Research has shown that peer to peer revision can result in 80 percent retention. With its timestamp functionality, learners can revisit the exact moment connected to their notes. Sharpen then allows learners to export this into a personalized, interactive PDF that effectively takes the user back in time.

The education industry has seen a significant injection of technology over the last few years, and there are now several new platforms promising to tackle everyday hurdles. Sharpen is being built out quite differently, combining specific feedback from those already leveraging the platform to customize its features for what tutors and teachers need most. Unlike other tools, Sharpen allows us to focus on students' long-term objectives and track their progress every minute.

Teachers and tutors are exploring new ways to changes in the best possible way for the students. One of the key features of Sharpen is the ability to see our students' notes, which offers insight into the way they learn and helps them to tailor teachings. Sharpen is a significant step forward in helping to push the boundaries within education.

Sharpen also provides tutors, and teachers access to the beta platform for free now, with the understanding that they will offer constructive feedback that Sharpen can then use as its building out new features for the platform. As an outcome of the feedback it has already received, Sharpen is developing three new features for the platform, which will comprise whiteboard functionality, calendar integration, and a larger video screen.

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