Significance of Digital Transformation for Educational Institutions

Education Technology Insights | Monday, February 04, 2019

Silos cripple an organization’s ability to implement successful data analytics programs. It acts as a major obstacle to the growth of a business organization. Silos are a concern for college campuses also, which use multiple tools to improve student retention, increase operational efficiency and support a variety of other goals. Many colleges are looking for solutions to eliminate obstacles like silos to create a data-driven culture, positioning them to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

In higher education institutions, academic departments operate independently where data is controlled by individuals. This fiefdom of data contributes in the creation of silos, which does not allow educational institutions to take advantage of data cohesion and sharing. Traditional systems and legacy solutions which are not designed to optimize the data can contribute in unintentionally contribute to the creation of silos.

Improved communication and transparency is the key to eliminate the creation of silos. Institutions can take the help of IT experts to impart their staffs with data analysis techniques. This collaboration can be an effective tool to prioritize conversations about data optimization. A data-driven culture will allow institutions to pursue data initiatives strategically.

Institutions should create a data governance system, which can guide them about different data management techniques. An effective data management system can eliminate the conflicts that arise in data initiatives. A strong data management system will allow educational institutions to achieve the goals of their data program. A leader’s role in data governance can also not be negated as a survey of two hundred higher education leaders found that desired outcomes can only be achieved with a leader’s effective implementation of data management programs in the campus.

Digital transformation has had a positive impact on all the spheres where it is used. Digital transformation is in its nascent stages in educational institutions. It can be a significant factor in providing efficient services and improving the work culture.

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