Smart Sparrow Improves Its Software Platform to Redefine Adaptive Learning

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, May 11, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Smart Sparrow, an ed-tech company, is striving hard to improve its award-winning software platform for developing a next generation educational system that is Rich, Interactive and Adaptive (RIA).

Smart Sparrow, an adaptive eLearning platform, implements teacher-feedback to get more effective control on students’ learning, data accessibility, time-saving flexible tool. It enables teacher to create fresh category of courseware where students can experience conversational learning; that is one-on-one private lessons. Students will receive time-to-time feedback and also go through personalized learning pathway that directs each students learning path through the lesson. The platform also comprises a real-time analytics dashboard so teachers can have the view on their merit of instruction and adapt it for the students’ need in continuous cycle learning.

"Teaching with engaging, simulative and personalized digital content should not come at the expense of teachers' pedagogical control over that content. Nor should it occur in the absence of data that allows them understand exactly how their students are learning. We believe technology should be used to empower great educators, not sideline them." says Dror Ben-Naim, CEO of Smart Sparrow.

Smart Sparrow, which believes in smart way of learning, has added features to take a step for ‘Learning by doing’. Those features are virtual labs giving students a chance to involve science experiments in rich fictitious worlds, simulations allow students to explore the science behind and theory, Virtual Patient Scenarios teach medical students to defibrillate patients suffering cardiac arrest, Medical cases giving nurses a chance to explore the sensitivities of Palliative Care and Virtual Microscopy Adaptive Tutorials to interact and high-resolution biomedical images for Pathology students.

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