Smart Tools of Smart Classes Can Revitalize the Learning Environment

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Digital learning-enabled smart classrooms can easily synchronize with the needs, and learning goals of students in a more convenient and interesting method.

FREMONT, CA: Education sector is blooming with modern technologies and artificial intelligence tools. All the schools and other educational institutes are opting smart classes with interactive boards, intelligent notebooks, and projector to make the learning exciting and informative. Smart classes provide such an ambiance for the students in which they can work smarter rather than working harder.

Following are the ten steps depicting how smart class technology is benefitting the educational sector:

1. Assist teachers: Earlier in tradition classes, no teaching assistant was provided to teachers. Now the smart class learning apps will necessarily assist the teachers. It will help teachers to prepare lessons and to present it effectively in class.

2. Time Saver: This technology will prove ad time saving for both the teachers and the students. There is no need for writing long notes, and the time is used for other works like creating presentation or studying. The teachers can also save their time from dictating notes and correcting them.

3. Environment-friendly approach: In smart classes’ information sharing process, there is no need for paper, pen, printouts, etc. which will lead to the Go Green Concept. It helps to keep the environment clean and green.

4. Maintain growth pace: Capacity to grow and adapt information varies from person to person. E-learning gives a separate profile to all the students, which enable them to maintain their pace of growth.

5. Advanced Learning: This system also enhances the teaching and learning experience to both the students and teachers. It is easy to grab and understand information from the dynamic audio-visual platform. Learning can be made more exciting and attractive by using smart tools and by illustrating with the help of photos, graphs, flow-charts, videos, etc.

6. Save class option: The entire study materials and session can be saved into MyCloud for further reference. The student can refer it for revision in future and teachers can also access it any time.

7. Remote classrooms: If one misses a class, were it a medical issue or anything else, the learning lessons itself can be taken from storage. The students can quickly learn things without losing a day. With the permission of the teacher, students can attend the classes from anywhere.

8. Easy maintenance: The electronic tools of the smart class are easy to use, and maintained at little maintenance cost. Digitalized pen can replace chalks and blackboards with interactive boards.

9. Enhanced integration: The collaboration of microscopes, digital content, video cameras, mikes, speakers, etc. upgrades the learning experience.

10. Early access to online resources: All the documents are synchronized here, which makes it more accessible for the students to access online resources. The availability of the solution is very high in the smart classes.

In the era of smart classes, studies are no more restricted to sessions with chalk, dusters, blackboards, and four walls. Now the students get free access to an expanded world of online information and learning. The world is aiming for a technology-driven environment, and these smart classes are apt means to head towards that modern world.

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