SMPTE Launches New Essential Technology Concepts Webcast Series for improving technical knowledge

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, February 14, 2019

SMPTE announces new Essential Technology Concepts Webcast Series, titled, "Human Perception Fundamentals: Color, Contrast, and Motion," designed to cover the foundational concepts, technologies, and workflows associated with the creation of professional media content.

SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) is a global professional association of technologists and creatives who drives the quality and evolution of motion imaging. The membership of this association includes more than 7,000 executives, who are motion-imaging executives, creatives, technologists, researchers, and students who volunteer their time and expertise to SMPTE's standards development and educational initiatives. A partnership with the HPA (Hollywood Professional Association) connects SMPTE with the businesses and individuals who support the creation and finishing of media content.

SMPTE is the organization whose standards work has supported a century of advances in entertainment technology and whose membership spans the globe.

SMPTE's Essential Technology Concepts Webcast Series will cover topics like imaging physics, human perception, the fundamentals of color science, and sound systems. Hosted in a convenient, interactive setting available to attendees across the globe, the full series of webcasts will provide opportunities to learn about M&E technology fundamentals. Also, it will allow the discussion of critical topics and questions with subject matter experts.

It is an educational opportunity for both early and mid-career professionals who want to develop their technical knowledge base. Attendees, who are filling gaps in their early education, rounding out existing knowledge and skills they gained organically, or complementing technical training associated with specific job responsibilities, everyone will find these new webcasts a great way to broaden their understanding of critical technologies and techniques.

Essential Technology Concepts Webcasts are offered to SMPTE members and non-members as a complimentary service to support the advancement of the M&E industry and its members.

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