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Education Technology Insights | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Brian Potash, CEO, OverDrive Education

Sora is a K-12 school solution that offers exclusive integration with the public library. In addition to the digital titles available in schools, kids can add their public library for instant access to thousands of e-books and audio-books, for both reading and classroom learning.

FREMONT, CA: “I was hesitant to use technology because of the temptation to visit unrelated websites, but I allow students to use their laptops during silent reading time and—guess what? They are reading! The students love the variety of book titles and the convenience of accessing on their phone or laptop so if they’re waiting in line or for their ride after school, they can read. They don’t always have a book, but they will have a phone!”, exclaims Ellen Schreier, an English teacher at Sweetwater High School.

Rakuten OverDrive, an audio-book and e-book service provider for schools and libraries, has released data regarding a dramatic rise in reading by K-12 students. The analysis shows that audio-books and e-book reading had increased over 240 percent when students connected their Sora classroom reading the application to their local public library portal.

OverDrive is the pioneering digital reading platform for schools and libraries worldwide. Sora, the new reading application for students, released by OverDrive Education in September 2018, offers students access to e-books and audio-books from their school’s digital compilation for classroom coursework and summer reading programs. A significant improvement of the application is that it grants access to learners to their local library, which usually provides a broader range of age-appropriate popular audio-books and e-books.

“We’re thrilled our new Sora student reading app is already increasing student reading and engagement,” says Brian Potash, head of school growth for OverDrive Education. “Our data proves the value of schools’ partnerships with their local public library and how it is a crucial component to create a world enlightened by reading.”

Since 2003, OverDrive has partnered with public libraries, most of which are in North America, to support literacy and reading programs with the supply of industry’s largest compilation of audio-books and e-books. As libraries renovate and devote to the next cohort of readers, they will gradually collaborate with digital media to endorse education for children of all ages.  

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