Surmounting Student-Teacher Ratio with Technology

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The combination of education technology and data analytics can help educators overcome the issue of the outsized classroom.

FREMONT, CA: According to the latest data, the student-teacher ratio in public school is approximately 16 to 1. So, it becomes a little more than difficult for a teacher to pay attention to every child’s learning in the classroom. So, technology has a few solutions to overcome the challenges of outsized classes to employ a further tailored approach to education.

Employ Classroom Technology

While advancement in learning technology can give significant respite for oversaturated classrooms, it does not mechanically fix the issue. Even if fewer pupils are equipped with smart devices to learn at their pace, a teacher cannot single-handedly ensure that each student is engaged and on the right trail.

Personalized learning tools or online learning modules are well placed to make productive use of pupils’ time. The tools allow educators to employ their time for arranging meetings with individuals or small groups, and the increased efficiency makes the difference for the learner. Online tools can promote mastery of necessary skills; for instance, a revision on any concept. More complex issues like a child’s lack of confidence in the learning aptitude are better suitable for face-to-face communication with an educator.

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Augment Cross-Curriculum Interaction with Standard Exams

Personalized instruction needs cross-curriculum communication. For pupils doing poorly on a mathematical word problem, the educator needs to attend to not only their mathematical skills but also their reading comprehension. In additional instruction, the practice to carry out comprehensive testing to evaluate new students and plan a tailored plan using the data is frequent.

Most organizations do annual assessments through standardized testing, and the exams at help supervisors determine how the general student populace is doing on average. School districts need to be certain that the report is provided to educators, along with the training in data analysis so that they can efficiently use the data. Equipment of the data skills gives experienced or inexperienced teachers a better knowledge of where the pupils excel or face problems heading into the new academic year.

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