Tech-Driven Student Data Security Measures

Education Technology Insights | Saturday, April 27, 2019

Tech Driven Student Data Security MeasuresTechnology has been a vital part of the education industry, presenting it with innovative digital learning platforms, electronic schooling ideas, automated collaborative learning channels and the like. Surging ahead, the emergence of new digitalized edtech tools now encircle the cybersecurity paradigm of the institutions. This unique and sophisticated cybersecurity solution partners with educational institutions and designs exclusive algorithms to support data authentication, integrity, and protection. Edtech data protection systems provide educators with numerous options to explore smart student privacy protection ideas. The following are a couple of tech-based student data security solutions.

•  Secured data capture portals

Hackers are capable of acquiring confidential data from the user data entry portals. VPN-based cybersecurity strategies block the intruder’s entry and save the data from attacks. Engineers have built secure data entry portals, which minimize the amount of sensitive data collected with well-planned data field optimization. High-tech data acquisition methods support unique identification keys to guard students’ personal information.   

•  End-to-end data encryption

Data encryption is a popular and effective cybersecurity measure. Educators have realized that data encryption is necessary not only during data transfers but also when it is stored using external or internal servers. New education technology offers a range of end-to-end encryption algorithms, which help in ensuring complete student data protection. Advanced encryption tools extend their functionalities to encrypt school networks and data-centered-operations as well. 

•  Continuous school network monitoring

Along with single-point and authorized data access, and detection of suspicious activities and malware the new digital data security models offer sophisticated monitoring techniques, which enables the educators to track every data-driven activity and maintain a real-time report to ensure the protection of sensitive information.   

Student data is an asset to the education system. Schools have been looking for ideal methods to protect sensitive student information from hackers and manipulators. With advanced data protection technologies, the education industry is sure to attain end-to-end student privacy. 

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