Technological Education during the Social Media Era

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, September 06, 2018

The world is growing, in terms of digital tools and social media platforms. Keeping in pace with this growth, organizations need to master technologies to reap the benefits of the changing virtual environment. The advent of digital tools and social media platforms has propelled organizations to learn newer innovations and indulge in employing this knowledge to their operations. Learning technology is not just about becoming accustomed to devices and its systems. It goes all the way to understanding the engagement of technology with the community and the people that rely on these technologies. Also, during this era of the socially collaborative world, it is imminent that technology is viewed as an asset which provides people, organizations, and business firms with the ability and freedom to recognize the power of community.

The term 'learning' is witnessing a change in its meaning during this period of social media. The credit for this shift in learning technology goes to the switch in the system infrastructure that changed from being solely organization controlled to being dynamic with multiple systems in place. With this shift in infrastructure, technology learning has also seen a change from old world learning of infrastructure of management and performance system to education and understanding about the core of the infrastructure. Furthermore, with social media platforms, learning technology now also incorporates curation and co-creation spaces. Curation spaces are those platforms where content sharing and community circle expansion happens. These spaces are more social in nature and are owned primarily by individual rather than organizations. Going further, co-creation spaces are those where communities get together to work, build stories and systems, and share those stories and systems.

As a result, learning technology for the social media generation requires more than just exploring the digital platforms and grasping the online content. The mindset of the society needs to be changed and requires the propulsion towards agility and away from the traditionally controlled working environment. Furthermore, the arrival of connected technologies such as internet of things (IoT) is demanding the organizations to focus on learning technique for enhancing and diversifying the infrastructure and various operational processes.

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