Technologies that are Elevating Public Safety

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 30, 2019

Smart tools are playing a major role in shaping the future of safety in campuses by providing important information to the security officers in educational institutes. The upgraded applications are targeted at improving effectiveness and awareness among officials.

FREMONT, CA: Many recent disasters and emergencies have shown the extent to which public safety personnel relies on smart applications to save lives. The connected tools have become the ultimate weapon empowering the defense system with information and capabilities. The safety and security departments are investigating substantial evidence on their smart applications to enhance surveillance and efficiency.  

Here are some of the game-changing technologies that will affect the security system.

1. Wearables

A smartwatch is not just a fitness device or message checking machine. For public safety, the watches give security officials a suitable process to connect with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). These watches also enable the students to activate an alarm that alerts patrol officers in case of an emergency.  

2. Panic Button Technology

With the help of panic buttons, the people on an educational campus can notify security officers that immediate assistance is required. Smartphone users can preset an emergency message with a contact such that when they press the button, the application will send the person an alert along with the location. The panic buttons are also based on GPS, so when in danger, a person can rely on it. 

3. Improved Surveillance Systems

Nowadays, every corner of a road, especially the blind spots, have a surveillance camera. They are available in areas like playgrounds, parking lots, and sharp turns so that any illegal actions or dangerous behavior can be detected.

Such cameras are also suitable for collecting evidence, which can be later used by the police for investigation. With the advent of new video and audio technology, policing crimes have become easier.

4. Gunshot Detection

The threat of gun violence is increasing, leading to many educational institutions and companies taking immediate action by installing gunshot detection. Certain applications can detect gunfire through audio sensors that are placed around a building. As soon as any gunfire incident occurs, the security officials are immediately informed so that they can reach to the precise location. 

The gunshot detection sensors immensely help in augmenting campus security by prompting on-time response and aid to victims.



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