Technology and Collaboration go Hand-in-Hand

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Harnessing collaboration helps students and teachers develop knowledge and skills.

FREMONT, CA: The principal element to any success lies in collaboration. With persistence and vision, people can set goals that they want to achieve and encourage others to join in pursuit of them. The need to collaborate does not diminish the achievement but makes it even more notable. Most successful technology integration today depends on collaboration, and likewise, the same is true for education technology.

When EdTech Entrepreneurs Collaborate

Technology startups have long been depended on accelerators and accelerators to uphold rapid growth and catalyze disruptive advancement in the EdTech industry. The programs bring together like-minded people who want to present instant solutions to the most critical problems in today’s field of education. The basis of the programs is mentoring, networking, and coaching that lifts participants in achieving their goals.

EdTech entrepreneurs who have participated in accelerators and incubators organizations can distinguish the power of collaboration. In the present day, a few enterprises attract EdTech innovators and leaders who look to work with the paramount organizations to improve productivity.

Working Together in Schools

Too often, educators enclose themselves within the classroom walls to keep themselves, and the students secluded from others. Instead, by harnessing the power of collaboration in technology, teachers and pupils alike will expand their skills and knowledge.

Like any other joint effort, educators who work together when using EdTech experience several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Data Analysis–Data Analysis can be overwhelming for teachers. Particularly when educators have to stay back after class hours and analyze the summative assessment results; to arrange the next week’s learning. With the help of collaboration with other teachers, educators can share the workload and the responsibility for improving pupil achievement.
  • Creativity–Teachers can be seen using the same tool in their classrooms, but each of them will have different ways of deployment. Through idea sharing, educators can learn diverse strategies for everything from tech management to developing active learning activities that engage pupils.
  • Improved Professional Relationships–Not every tutor will find EdTech solutions spontaneous. So, having colleagues with whom educators can work together makes way for help and support.

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