Technology as a learning tool

Education Technology Insights | Monday, December 17, 2018

Technology tools play a key role in enrich, extend and reinforce learning. Technology has its impacts in learning from online courses to automatic feedback and scoring.  Below are specific teaching and learning tools.

* Technology in education can be adjusted with the personal need of the students. The pace of introducing new concepts, the visual, auditory, tactile and even the level of abstraction could be adjusted according to the results that the student shows.

* Through live webinars students can watch videos and participate in the real-time class discussion through the chat window. This helping them learn in an accelerated fashion.

* In technology the learning experience comes from a journey of finding the answer. This will help in enhancing a research-based learning experience.

* Creates an environment that encourage students to interact and engage in classroom topics using their own smart devices. This will be an opportunity to tap into learning for children who are less likely to speak up in class.

*Test scoring in all school types, as well as recruitment exams, scanning and digital assessment is a huge opportunity. The automated scoring of multiple choice responses with optical mark recognition (OMR) software is an example of this, which offers increased accuracy. This technique reduces fraud and teachers can focus on student education freeing up from the burden evaluation.

* Online tools and application offer a unique way for students to participate in group tasks. Students can even work from home as the team is connected through the internet.

*Technology is making learning enjoyable. It makes the classroom more interactive. Setting up private WhatsApp or Facebook will invite constructive student participation.

Technology in education can be used successfully, which impacts and fits into the educational sector thus improving the learning experience.

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