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Education Technology Insights | Friday, February 23, 2018

From kindergarten to post-graduation, the use of computers and innovative technologies has become a vital element of the education system. Infusing technologies in classrooms is enhancing learning by making it more interesting, interactive, meaningful, and stimulating for the students. Internet, YouTube, Skype, Smart-boards, and Podcasts are some of the tools that are redefining the traditional concept of education. Technology is rapidly transforming and making education more interesting. For instance, Google Glass and its Head-Up Display (HUD) feature allow students to access supplemental resources while engaged in learning. Instructors can also monitor their students’ performance using live feeds. HotChalk, an online learning environment, enables educators to interact with students and their parents. It also offers a vast library, grade books, assessment quizzes, customizable lessons, and other tools that facilitate interaction and provide feedback. Kahoot! is another platform for game-based learning, where students are in control of the process and teachers assess their progress through quizzes and enhance responsiveness. This tool has a variety of subjects and modes, making it flexible for individual or group e-learning and blended learning.

Along the same line is the rise of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), which will further shape the e-learning community. NYT VR, a virtual reality app, is a great tool for immersive storytelling. The app places students in the center of the story, wherever and whenever it takes place. History and cultural studies will benefit the most from this visual enhancement. AR has the power to change the e-learning industry drastically, and completely transform the nature of online training and 3D simulation and scenario tools, which will make the e-learning design process easier and more cost-efficient.

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