Technology Tools Enhancing Distance Learning

Education Technology Insights | Monday, March 29, 2021

Technology tools are changing remote learning into a better process and learning more effective.

FREMONT, CA: As so many people try to juggle teaching virtually or in a hybrid format this year, technologies have a greater role in helping them no matter the setting. Here are three tech tools that have had a huge impact on learning, staff, and students.

Pear Deck and Google Slides

Pear Deck and Google Slides make the best match. Educators today build presentations in Google Slides. Pear Deck enables users to add interactive elements, connect with students, and better help them. Pear Deck can be leveraged in so many ways—synchronously or asynchronously. Students can share stories or experiences brought up in the opening slides and feel heard. They also create strong connections. Users can also export a spreadsheet of all the student responses. It shows their answers and time spent on slides, which saves time and gives a good idea about which students may require to review the material.


Flipgrid is a wonderful, free platform for all grade levels. Students do not require an account, only the teachers. The advantage of Flipgrid is that it offers the potential for voice, interaction, reflection, creativity, and connection. It is much more than a video recording tool. Flipgrid is a place for a weekly vlog. It enables students to reflect on their independent reading. Personal reflections, objective setting, and feedback are wonderful features in Flipgrid. Teachers can moderate the content and keep them private or open them to enable other students to read and comment on the entries.


One tool that can transform all the presentations, newsletters, promotional material, student shout-outs, web design, and more is Canva. It takes all features of a design program and adds in the potential to drag and drop elements into templates. This tool is free for educators and provides a robust design option. Canva enables to have students to create collaborative presentations, infographics, posters, and web design. It also lets to create the video, GIFs, picture files, and more. The possibilities are infinite, and the end product is extremely professional.

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