The E-Learning Process - Merits and Demerits of Using AI in it

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be omni-present in the near future. AI gives computers the power to learn, reason and self-correct and it will reshape the way humans will interact with softwares. E-Learning is on the threshold of getting integrated with AI. It has a few merits and a few demerits.

Merits of AI in E-Learning:

Private Tutoring

AI will transfigure private tutoring because most students hesitate to ask questions in front of the class as they fear to look stupid. One on one tutoring can be the solution here because the student will feel free to ask all types of questions. Students can also ask questions in forums with similar content.

Solving Queries

In the absence of the teacher, students can have doubts. Students can upload their queries to an E-Learning platform; AI will read the queries, analyze them and give a solution in real time. Moreover, AI may also give some suggestions to the students.

Relevant Content

Relevant content is the strong suite of AI. Students can find relevant pieces of content for their projects, debates and even their homework. For example, if a student searches for "Provide me with resources for the political quiz". It may be time-consuming but AI will show all the relevant content.


Animated concepts are easily graspable by students as compared to a theoretical approach. AI uses animation which is basically based on an audio-visual approach, boosting the learning capabilities of the students.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) can create an imaginative environment related to the student's query. VR has an audio-visual approach as well. Hence, it provides a deep understanding of difficult concepts.

Demerits of AI in E-Learning


AI is definitely costly. It bears expenses like installation, maintenance and timely repairs. Financially strong schools can support AI but students have to pay more fees to enroll in the E-Learning program. Therefore, financially weak students can’t afford E-Learning with AI.


AI is helpful but it can be seriously addictive. A good example is a Smartphone and how everyone is addicted to it. Using AI for every task regularly can create a dependency for even smaller tasks. Students can suffer from Insomnia through this addiction which, in turn, will affect the mental ability of the students.

Lack of Confidence

Computers are getting smarter every day. AI can learn the pattern of your searches and show you relevant content. Too much dependency on AI will disable students from using their own thoughts, losing their thinking ability and in the end losing confidence in them.


Artificial Intelligence is a step towards development but it can lead to unemployment. Increase in demand of AI can make teachers obsolete because AI can perform better than a human teacher.

Loss of Information

Huge information in embedded into Artificial Intelligence and a minor technical glitch can leak important information.

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