The Epidemic of Anxiety among People Due to Social Media

By Education Technology Insights | Monday, August 12, 2019

Life in social media can look picture perfect and enviable which makes it hard not to compare and feel inferior. When people realize that social media is addictive and they must take action to break it.

FREMONT, CA: Technology may have the capability to make people happy for a short time, but in the long run, is it capable of making people content? Here are a few ideas which might establish that why technology may not make people happy in the longer-run.

1. The Technology Works as Insulation from all the Uncertainties Leaving People Vulnerable to Real-Life Situations

Technology has instant answers to every query for which it takes away a lot of difficulties. For example, there are apps for online road maps that show the direction to any route instantly. Even if someone needs some tips to ace a job interview, they will quickly get that online.

After so much help from online sources, most of the people feel anxious when they face any situation in real-life. The online portals can only answer the questions they are asked but cannot prepare anybody for the interviews in real life.

2. Technology Allows Avoiding People

Nowadays, people are so absorbed in features and apps in their phones that they hardly go out to meet people. For example, when someone wants to eat, they can order it from an online food delivery app instead of stepping out of their home or office. The problem with this scenario is when people start avoiding interaction with fellow humans, it can become their habit, and they may forget how to interact by losing confidence.

3. On-Screen Communication is not similar to Face-to-Face Communication

While sending an email or text message from mobile phone or tablets, there is a chance of composing, editing, and perfecting our communication. On the other hand, face-to-face communication happens in an unedited manner.

Taking time to think about precisely what to say makes it difficult to respond spontaneously while facing a person.

4. Social Media is Judgmental

Social media is a public forum, and everybody can see whatever a person is posting. If the public wants, they will admire it, and if they wish to, they can despise a posting with their comments. Since social media is a judgmental place, so people prefer to curate a perfect image. In the long run, the gap increases between what people project and what they are leading anxiousness.

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