The Future of IoT-Driven Education System

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 09, 2019

IoT is enabling a more immersive and efficient educational experience to the students while also assisting the teachers in planning the course structure.

FREMONT, CA: The internet of things (IoT) technology is contributing to various industries and real-life transformations. Education is not an exception to the trend. Despite seemingly less obvious technology for education, IoT has potentially immense applications to offer to the education sector. E-learning has already become common as a result of the digital revolution and the implementation of the internet within the school premises. IoT is adding another dimension to this phenomenon by enabling a more immersive and efficient educational experience. IoT is transforming everything from tracking resources to creating better student plans.

Students are already moving away from paper textbooks towards e-books and tablets due to the widespread internet and data coverage. IoT can effectively be utilized in such an environment. The growth of the technology will allow the teachers to use their time and resources on highly personalized instruction as the processes that were manually conducted will be automated with IoT. For instance, sensors can detect individual students, thereby eliminating the need to take attendance manually. Moreover, IoT allows teachers to structure their lessons in a way that is both effective and simple for the students. Adoption of a variety of technologies enable a teacher to program the course and put learning into the hands of the students

Students with special needs also have a lot to gain from IoT driven transformations. For instance, a visually-impaired student can be provided with special cards that are automatically detected and can convey to the connected devices to increase the font size of the texts. Thus each student can choose their way according to their special needs, thereby creating an enriching learning experience. Adoption of IoT at a larger scale within higher educational setting allows the potential to connect with professionals and leaders, which provides an interdisciplinary approach to education.

However, there are certain concerns when it comes to the application of IoT. One of them is that IoT can force unwanted change in the existing school system at a large expense. According to a study from Capterra, 69 percent of students wish to use their mobile devices in the classroom, and most of them want them for automating tasks such as note-taking, research, and schedule checking.

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