The Guardian Firewall for iOS is a Significant Step towards Ensuring Mobile User's Privacy

Education Technology Insights | Monday, March 23, 2020

The recent firewall IOS from Guardian Firewall aims to make its clients capable of asserting control on their data received through hundreds of applications, which surreptitiously steal them.

FREMONT, CA: The Guardian Firewall for IOS was released on the 11th of June this year for restricted trails. A detailed blog, providing insights into the problems that the firewall can address was also released.

The Guardian Firewall is built in such a way that no sign-up process would be required, and no personal details would be sought by the app before purchase. The details on payment made by the user are the only requisite when it comes to buying this app.

The development team at Guardian observed that several IOS apps covertly accumulate specific location histories from millions of mobile users by using packaged code extended by data monetization enterprises. Also, many a times, the packaged tracking code will be running on a constant basis. As a result, there is a constant transfer of user GPS coordinates, besides a huge chunk of other information. The lack of sufficient policies has made the mobile world a ‘wild west’ of unofficial surreptitious and surveillance spying.

The situation was so intense that it was imperative to find some alternative option besides existing firewall solutions.

The Guardian Firewall will be the first ever firewall for IOS which could address this problem. How the firewall works is by blocking those trying to track the user’s information. Besides, the IOS firewall will also extend insights into who the hackers were and what kind of data they were trying to capture.

The Guardian Firewall is built to function as a client for distantly hosted VPN servers running a fully-featured firewall. Due to this design, user’s internet data is sent through secure firewall servers of Guardian.

An effortless and spontaneous user interface covers the depth of the IOS firewall’s analytical superiority and defensive power.

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