The Impact of Social Media on Education

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, September 27, 2018

Social media has entered into every aspect of our lives, and learning to handle the usage of the same is essential to a successful life. It might be interesting to note that a quarter of college admission officers consider a potential student’s digital footprint.  Similarly, three-fourths of HR managers look at the digital footprint of a candidate, and one-third of employers have been known to reject candidates based on information found on their social media profiles.

By the time students graduate from high school, they should know the art of verifying the validity of information by using Google. They also need to be supported in creating an online presence that aids them in attracting the right connections, which can prove beneficial in finding the right job or college. While test scores and certificates proved useful in the previous century, it has now become essential that one’s online reputation reflect their knowledge. The social media presence of a person proves especially important to people who seek career options in disciplines such as photography and filming since it not only allows them to showcase their work but also provides ample reviews to improve the same.

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The age of social media has shifted the center of learning from the teacher to the student. In such a scenario, the student needs the educator’s support in developing a robust learning network. Students can reach out to fellow students, or other people who share similar talents and interests by being social media-savvy and digitally literate. Students need to become aware of the working of social media, and how to build a network that will prove beneficial to them.

The use of social media also encourages students to seek answers from peers rather than looking solely at their teacher for an explanation to study-related difficulties. On social media, students can ask a global community for help, instead of sending out emails to a large group of people who might have the information, which reduces the time spent in asking and finding answers to a query, and then checking its accuracy. Furthermore, it helps in the building up of connections that prove beneficial later.

A major benefit provided by the social media to students is exposure. While there have always been exceptionally skilled students in schools, they suffered from a lack of exposure—this problem is effectively solved by social media. Students are provided a platform to showcase their talents, while teachers can use the platform to let students’ parents look into the classroom.

Social media today has set foot in every aspect of regular life. Hence it is best that students are taught to cope with its advances at an early age.

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