The Most Common K12 Edtech Hurdles

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Several K-12 school districts are turning to custom software solutions that meet their specific requirements to meet all the hurdles head-on.

FREMONT, CA: The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed not just the appearance of K-12 education. The lockdown of educational institutions has caused significant disruptions in K-12 learning. Thus, the need for the development of remote learning software solutions has scaled. The K-12 sector is evolving to become collaborative, student-centric, and data-driven. However, along that journey, there are many roadblocks. Pioneers in the technology space, especially those who provide edtech solutions, stand to play an essential role in making remote learning easier. Here is a look at the common K-12 edtech hurdles. 

Integration of New Solutions 

A key thought was that educators require a way to offer more individualized instruction. However, several school districts are already locked into certain software. Currently, schools are leaning toward launching systems with reporting functionalities that enable educators to identify trends in student behavior and evaluation results, analyze those trends, and create a plan to enhance performance. SMS can include parent and student portals, making these systems a tool for consolidated data gathering and communication. 

Migration of Users from Obsolete Software Platforms

Edtech leaders must make budgeting a focus of their solution. Business operations management software can make it seamless for districts to handle their money, keep track of cuts and link all the schools in the system. This could be a selling point that contributes to the justification for schools to transform their existing information to the latest platforms.

Scaling Up Existing Products

A key part of the approach to accelerate products is designing for teachers and students and selling to school districts. Earn trust among the districts that deploy the product. The higher-ups at districts communicate with each other about solutions that function and don’t meet their expectations. Sometimes, the process of getting district referrals can take years.

Implementation of the IT Compliance Program

Developing and deploying an effective IT compliance program offering ongoing maintenance. When developing edtech products, business owners must consider privacy. When the technology is developed for kids, it is vital to ensure consumer trust and mitigate risk by following privacy laws and best practices.

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