The NextGen Educational Methods with Classroom Robots

Education Technology Insights | Monday, January 21, 2019

Technology has become one of the main reasons for the evolution of many sectors. Specifically, the education sector has undergone a tremendous transformation that has led to a great change from the traditional classrooms to modern classrooms. It has also lead to an integration of learning applications such as Class VR, online flashcards, virtual system, and interactive board activities. There is an apparent advancement of classroom robotics and its use in classroom activities. 

The unique features of robotics have been introduced, and the benefits differ according to the age. Edison’s help falls under the age group between four and sixteen. It is a small size but powerful programmable robot for introducing the STEM in the classroom.

Legos is one of the greatest tools that resemble a tiny car. Four programming levels are available for teaching different methods to different age group. The four levels are barcodes, Edblocks, EdWare, and EdPy. The process of Edison has to connect it to the system or tablet to run the preloaded programs. The robots designed for the age group of five to seventeen is called a robot kid.

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It is an interactive robot for managing to teach students. It is one of the best therapies for autistic children that help catch their attention. It is beneficial for child development, especially the social skills as it improvises the level of ability to interact normally. The most wonderful features have a camera option to read the students’ facial expression, making proper conservations, and helping them relax when they feel stressed.

Pepper is another type of robot, which convenes the age group starting from five to twelve. They are emotional robots that can easily sense human emotions. Also, it can quickly adapt to their behavior. It was mainly designed for communication purposes and to memorize the personality.  These types of robots mainly used to quickly understand emotions, sounds, and activities.

In the future, people can see robots playing a major role in the education field. They can surely work with humans in order to reduce their efforts involved in teaching. The technology keeps evolving with new NextGen learning methods. It is important for educational institutions to stay updated with the development of technology and make use of it.

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