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Education Technology Insights | Friday, June 14, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The increasing growth of education technology has taken a step forward to transform the clichéd methods of the education system by introducing effective ways of learning and teaching with equipment. There has been a radical change in the traditional way of learning as the age-old methods were not satisfactory after the evolution of EdTech, and since then the technology has been enhancing the efficiency of edification with modern techniques.

Automated Gradation: The technology has developed a new way of computerized gradation, which is done by an automatic system where students submit their tasks via a dedicated online portal and receive the grades in real-time. This helps the teachers in focusing on other crucial responsibilities rather than spending time in correcting humongous stocks of answer sheets.

Students Come First: It is essential for the teachers to know about their students as well as keep in touch with them to facilitate every detail associated with the scholar the technology provides analytical and statistical education software that records the learner’s data and performances. Teachers can keep in touch with the students by using many avenues and software that offers a platform for interaction without any exchange of personal contact information along with facilities to set a reminder for homework. Some applications that allow students to personalize their subjects and not blindly follow the books prescribed limiting the scope of learning.

Going Beyond the Books: Technology bestows the ability to go paperless and reduce investing in papers and books. The method of studying through online materials not just cuts down the expenses but is also eco-friendly, saving billions of trees and diminishing printing costs. Online courses can be taught to the learner from any corner of the globe which is said to be distance learning; besides, it allows the student as well the educator to track the progress made in the curriculum.

English Made Easy: Countless international students travel abroad to pursue their degrees that face problems in understanding of the language or only speak basic English. With translation apps, it can get a lot easier for them to translate the material from other languages to English and read them seamlessly.

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