Things Parents Want to Know About EdTech

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Parents should know about EdTech their children use in school to support their learning.

FREMONT, CA: Parents’ requirement from EdTech is the information on how are their making use of new technology. Parents also want to be a part of their children’s learning process and would like to know if the EdTech that their children are exercising is helpful in their instruction.

On the one hand, parents worry about children’s demand for the latest technology, which makes them spend most of their time on screens, and on the other, they think that the tools are necessary. Parents also believe that if students are to develop the required digital skills, it is vital for schools to teach them such skills.

Keep the Communication Fluid

Communication is key to involving parents in the decision-making process as it is essential that they stay updated on occurrences at school. Most parents today own a smartphone or have access to cell phones, so communication bridges the connection gap with the help of messages and alerts them to participation.

When EdTech makes information sharing a natural process, parents get more inclined to taking action. For example, when teachers send a message to parents stating that their kid has not written an essay, the note helps parents to take action. Parents can make sure that their children complete the required tasks. 

Permit Parents to be the Part of the Process

Organizations that utilize technology are more likely to accomplish the task of involving parents in school activities. Rather than making communication with parents a one-way matter, schools should invite feedbacks.

Feedback can be conducted in many forms: surveys, texting, video, questionnaires, and social media platforms.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate parents in the instructional process, but it is also essential for educators to keep the request short and timely. Furthermore, teachers also need to keep in touch with parents throughout a year and not just once in the span of the whole year.

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