Things to Contemplate on Before Installing Classroom Technology

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, May 01, 2019

From the days of cave age to the present day, where most students are equipped with various portable technology devices, technology continues to push forward educational capabilities to higher degrees. With classrooms evolved into a hotbed of technological advances, it could further educational proficiencies even more. But most educational institutions find it harder to decide on which products to invest in. Below are some key recommendations to help institutions make investment decisions.

Technology should be leveraged to support learning in the classroom, improve instruction methods and positively impact student achievement. So it is crucial to ensure that selected tools align with student learning goals and standards offering an extensive range of applications designed to aim educational learning outcomes. The product’s reliability and effectiveness should be ensured through research and looking for technology that has a successful history of addressing needs will help. Institutions that target to enhance the student learning experience should invest in technology that proves impact before trying newer solutions.

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Educational institutions must ensure security and efficacy of data while embracing new classroom technologies through enhanced interpretability. The technology infrastructure requires managing massive amounts of information and protects student privacy. When it comes to the security of student data the technology used should provide clear information on its privacy policies and highlights its compliance with standards.

Also, the implementation of new technology needs a clear mission, and support and educators should receive training and have a strong understanding of the purpose behind the technology. Institutions must be able to identify in what ways the tool will benefit the classroom and convey their expected outcomes. A vision is critical to transforming teaching and learning, and a strategic implementation plan is vital to success.

As technology changes by the minute, being digitally literate has become ever more critical. It also demands educational landscape to keep up with times to best prepare students for this ever-changing technology landscape.  

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