Three Things About Cloud Computing And Education

Education Technology Insights | Monday, December 16, 2019

The modern cloud-platform is beneficial for the education institutions because it reduces the time, funds and infrastructure educational institutions require reaching new markets.

FREMONT, CA: Over the last decade, all the educational institutions are making tremendous strides in seizing the opportunities that modern technologies offer. Most of the organizations are already using the cloud to transform the efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness of their institutions across the world. 

Here are some ways that the cloud is changing education today:

1. Leading student success in the classroom and beyond

The main aim of education is to enable students to grow and succeed in both places, either in the class or workforce. The cloud can become a force multiplier in achieving this goal, putting additional tools to improve student learning into the hands of educators. According to reports, several millions of teachers, researchers, and students in more than 150 countries are using education technologies and online curricula running on AWS.

2. Keeping student data safe

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Educational institutions have a great responsibility to protect the collected student information and data. Nowadays, data breaches and identity theft are increasing, so it has become necessary to safeguard the stored data. AWS is protecting the cloud and maintaining the privacy of the saved data in that. Some essential components of data safety are compliances like FERPA and the EU’s GDPR. Most of the data management vendors have already achieved these levels of compliance. For some educational institutions, building highly available and resilient on-premise servers can be very costly like data-protection and compliance.

3. Saving educators’ time

Cloud technology can also save educators’ time. The clouds can save every precious hour by creating access to new lesson planning resources and better identifying which interventions are working best and even grading papers. Now students can get tests online, and they can be graded by machine learning. Students will get immediate feedback from teachers in less than an hour. Teachers can also grade a class assignment now in less than an hour.

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