Top 3 Education Technology Trends to Look Out for in the Future

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, August 05, 2020

In the past few years, the educational sector has witnessed revolutionary changes in the learning business model; the way students are taught is very different from the teaching methods adopted earlier.

FREMONT, CA: Technological advancements have brought various changes in ways education is delivered and received. Staring from self-learning to flipped classroom approach, technology has made a considerable impact on learning and teaching methodologies. Digital lessons are personalized for each student; also, there are online games that abreast the students with valuable information while showing students that learning is fun. And technology has converted these far-fetched truths into reality.

Here are the top three educational technology trends to look out in the future.

Top 10 EdTech Startups - 2019Artificial Intelligence Learning

Research states that students learn the best when lessons and activities are customized according to their individual needs. However, it’s very difficult for a teacher to completely tailor a different learning experience for every student in the classroom. From prep to grading to after-school responsibilities, the teachers already feel stressed and overworked. This is where AI learning comes into play; the AI learning apps meet each student where they are in terms of their skill level and learning style. 

Gamification of Learning

Game-based learning, also called gamification is nothing new, but it was often dismissed as frivolous. Now, educators are turning to game elements, including interactive video games, in order to motivate and inspire students. Gamification takes away the pressure and anxiety of earning a grade. It additionally shows students that learning is an exploratory process rather than rote memorization. Incorporating the game-like elements can be as simple as replacing some grades with learning badges. 

Social and Emotional Learning

Also known as SEL, social and emotional learning, helps students understand and manage their feelings. It also aids them in developing empathy for others. Both of these things help students to develop positive relationships with others and to make sound decisions. SEL also helps students academically. 

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