Towards Enhancing Employee Training

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Advances in technology have revolutionized employee training. With the growing number of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, mobile learning is reshaping the way employees work. These devices support self-directed learning and help employees get the most out of training without affecting budgets. Many organizations exert the idea of leveraging mobile learning in corporate training to associate employees with real-life scenarios. Mobile learning helps in enhancing the overall training speed and workforce productivity.

Today, almost everyone owns a mobile device, therefore, organizations are adopting mobile learning strategies, thereby enabling employees to create, store, and deliver innovative ideas at the workplace. This helps employees in learning at their own pace and gaining expertise to become more successful in their careers. Mobile learning reflects a learner-centric approach that is cost-effective as well as time-saving while engaging the employees.

Mobile learning also simplifies the process of accessing information anytime from anywhere, enriching training experiences of the employees and opening numerous options for them to attain business objectives. Employees can access learning content online and gain knowledge on how to enhance product quality and boost business growth. They can enrol in training courses in their busy schedule, while attending meetings, or commuting from one place to other, as per to their convenience. One of the most significant benefits of mobile learning is the ability to reach people working from remote locations as well. 

The major goal of mobile learning is to facilitate learning and improve the learners’ performance growth. It is changing the environment from static to dynamic by breaking down the hindrance between learners and the world. Mobile devices create both physical as well as a virtual environment to communicate with one another. 

Mobile learning is a powerful technology that enables employees to experience exciting learning with the kind of flexibility they desire, increasing their engagement and boosting performance, thereby resulting in an increased ROI on training. Businesses will continue to look for new ways to increase employee engagement and mobile learning will play a major role.

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