Tradigital Learning: Definition and Implementation

Education Technology Insights | Friday, May 31, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Tradigital learning is a concept that originated in the process of honoring the successes of teachers in the past, implementing the effective teaching strategies from the traditional classrooms and enhancing the combination with the digitization of one-to-one classroom learning. It is also commonly called Blended learning and Hybrid learning.

There are prerequisites for the implementation of tradigital learning. Here, the teacher plays the role of a facilitator who assists in the development of 21st-century learners using advanced digital tools in this method of learning. The teacher also identifies the pattern through data at the individual student level to help them become independent and active in their learning process.

The tradigital learning program encourages teachers and guides to adopt a station rotation model. The teachers start with two stations, a technology-based station, and a teacher-led station. As they get acquainted with the first two stations, the third is added—the collaboration station—where they carry out exercises and projects with multiple students.

The fourth station integrates the four concepts of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. The fifth station can be incorporated on a need basis as it requires only independent work.     

The stage two involves separation of stations. Here, teachers depend on individual student records to differentiate the class into groups before giving them assessments.

Assessments play an essential role in tradigital learning; every student is assessed before switching to a different unit or class. These reports project the growth of the student, and the statistics will aid the teacher to determine the level in which the student needs to be taught. In the third stage, there is a compulsory three station rotation, which matches the student with the levels accordingly.

Personalization in learning is a key to the tradigital learning. The evolution of the method and medium encapsulates the aspects of both teaching and learning, from encouraging development to education, to make the teacher’s role comfortable and utilizing technology and data in significant ways by bidding the students as the actual owners and decision-makers of personal growth and learning.  

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