Transforming Workplaces with Emerging Technologies

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, June 27, 2019

While looking at the force at which technology is emerging, the organizations need to consider getting ahead on lines of aptitude and profitability.                                          

FREMONT, CA: Workplaces are continually getting a makeover with changing times, and one cannot thank the rapidly developing technologies enough. With each transformation, the dynamics of employment is also seen shifting. Thus one needs to stay updated with the emerging technologies.

There nature of the work, the individual performing it and the place where the job is executed are the main categories to know how the change in the workflow is accomplished. Each of them focuses on different elements such as minimizing a repetitive task manually, focusing on the design and problem-solving methods, introducing new communication platforms. Each component ill constitutes in getting the work done efficiently and cost-effectively.

Some leading emerging technologies molding the future of work include:

Communication Platforms on the Cloud

In order to eradicate unorganized communication, the concept of unified communications (UC) platforms can be incorporated.  The technologies based on the cloud will help in streamlining the workflow, thus increasing productivity. Furthermore, UC’s features, such as instant messaging, video and voice calls, file, and screen sharing help in real-time communication and cooperation.

Introducing AI-driven Technologies

AI and its subfields such as machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning can help organizations in reducing the time on the recurring tasks and focus more on creativity. Knowledge workers are largely benefited by AI initiation, which gives them a chance to enhance their capabilities.

Digital Talent Platforms

Where the conventional method may not be very useful in hiring the best talent, the digital platforms eradicate this ineptness. They further enable companies to hire staff based on required skills and project-specific expertise.

Embrace Quantum Computing

The use of traditional computers needs to be ended, with a switch to Quantum computing, which processes data a thousand times faster. The increased computing capacity has additionally enabled cloud computing o run complex AI-powered apps. More so, it achieves accuracy and efficiency during training and analytical processes as it supports a range of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications.

Emerging technologies will give organizations a chance to rethink on the work process, workflow, and notion of the work to take more benefits and bring in significant transformations.  

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