Use of Technology by K-12 Teachers

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Building strong partnerships with tech coaches is the most successful way to use and execute a rigorous and engaging program.

FREMONT, CA: Teachers in grades K-12 are using technology in greater numbers than ever before. Remote learning has pushed education in a technical direction, forcing educators to look for innovative ways to incorporate technology into their classrooms. It was challenging to overcome the challenges that the year 2020 posed, especially in education. Teachers in grades K-12 are setting huge ambitions, hoping to master the use of technology in their classrooms by 2021.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media has exploded as a hub for teachers to interact with one another, learn from one another, and address current educational issues. Making social media sites specifically for their classrooms to provide tools and updates has also become a fantastic way for teachers to remain connected with parents and students. To broaden the horizons in the technology world, join a technical learning network on social media channels.

Learn to use a new tool

Experiment with new ideas. Look for a new tool that will fit well in your classroom. Spend some time researching, experimenting, and implementing a new tool; nevertheless, take chances within the range of possibilities. Technology that is available on the internet provides

Integrate Video Technology

In 2020, K-12 teachers expressed a strong desire to incorporate video into their classrooms. Set aside some time in 2021 to see how video lessons will affect your classroom. Educators gush about the time saved by giving students access to an online platform for lessons, which allows them to spend more time in the classroom applying what they have learned and answering questions.

Develop A Relationship with The Technology Coaches

Building strong partnerships with tech coaches is the most successful way to use and execute a rigorous and engaging program. During the transition to educational technology, tech coaches are a teacher's best friends. Teachers' partnerships with technology coaches will only help them learn technology and their content more quickly and efficiently.

Improve Active Learning

Discover what motivates the students in class. Change it up and see what student engagement strategies work best for the students, whether interactive or hybrid. Get student feedback to better cater to their requirements and desires within the classroom.

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