Using Learning Technology to Boost Instruction

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 30, 2019

Learning applications are making the job of educators effortless without sacrificing student achievement. Schools need to provide proper resources to the teachers so that they feel comfortable while teaching from mobile applications.  

FREMONT, CA: Classes in schools or colleges are hardly interesting--teachers come with their books, or a printed copy of notes teaches their students and leave. In most of the scenarios, the pupils get distracted from their studies as they get bored with the educating process. Now, if the boring printed copies and traditional books are replaced with PowerPoint presentation and notes are uploaded to a Learning Management System (LMS) automatically, the interest of the learners will increase. To keep students engaged in their studies, the process of teaching them has to be appealing along with some fun activities in it. Mobile technology has every element that will provide the student whatever they want, classes will not be boring anymore, and they can even study while they are casually lying down in their bed. 

Mobile technology has every capability of changing the student-teacher dynamic for the better, but it has to be implemented correctly. Here are a few ways in, which the teachers can benefit by using smart mobile applications.

Higher Engagement Levels

The use of mobile education applications in the K-12 classrooms will increase the concentration of the students in class material. Mobile learning is an advanced form of teaching to capture learners’ attention in new ways. From a pupil’s perspective, the eagerness to study from a smartphone stems from the fact that it is fun to use, but the more prominent attraction is the empowerment. When lessons leave the blackboard and take their place at the desk, learners acquire more control over it. The higher engagement from the K-12 pupils in studies by using the learning technology is a direct result of the feeling of ownership on their part.

Convenient Progress Tracking

Mobile education applications can keep electronic records of the students, starting from their success until where they needed help. This service is excellent for teachers, especially the ones who lack the time and resources to construct customized learning plans based on the learners’ profile. Teachers can always benefit from the timely reporting about the pupils’ progress as there will be no guesswork on the skills that need to be polished. If any pupil is struggling with a skill, learning applications report to the teacher about the topic that needs revisiting. 

Less paperwork

The copy machines can get a break, and paperwork for the teachers will lessen because of mobile learning. This is one of the practical perks of mobile education, making the process of teaching and studying less cumbersome. In addition, smart technology also restrains the fear of losing important papers and other class materials.

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