VHS Learning Has Introduced New Courses for the 2020-21

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The course catalog of 2020-21 school years will be improved and it will add new and enhanced courses in the world language, business, language, and science discipline.

FREMONT, CA: VHS Learning is planning to bring enhancements to its course catalog for the 2020-21 school years. It will expand advanced placement, core, and elective offerings. Registration for the 2020-2021 academic years will open in May.

In the new semester of 2020, students will be able to select American Sign Language 3, Physics, and an enhanced AP English Literature and Composition course. A popular business course, marketing, and the internet have also been revised for 2020-2021. VHS Learning will also introduce a new Advanced Placement course, AP Latin, for students who have already completed Latin 1, 2, and 3. In the newest course, AP Latin is the equivalent of a first-semester college Latin course.

Additionally, VHS Learning will be offering a new full-year standard-level STEM course starting in fall 2020. The expanded 2020-2021 catalog will also offer opportunities for a more in-depth exploration of current VHS Learning offerings. VHS Learning has also enhanced its AP® English Literature and Composition curriculum to suit the needs of online learners better while maintaining the rigor and pace of a typical university English course.

VHS Learning is a nonprofit leader empowering schools to give all students equal access to courses. VHS Learning offers more than 220 unique online courses, including 24 AP® courses and a selection of dual-credit classes that help students earn college credit while still in high school.

President and CEO of VHS Learning, Carol Ribeiro, says that VHS Learning helps schools create unique pathways for learning. Their teacher-led online courses supplement local school offerings, providing students and schools with the flexibility and choice they need.

These new and improved courses make it possible for students to find the learning option that works best for them, including exciting, engaging, and interactive world language courses that are not typically found at most schools.

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